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Ken White

Ken White began training dogs in the late 1970's and branched out into the sport of Schutzhund from there. The list of his accomplishments, as well as his students' accomplishments, speaks for itself.

To begin with Ken is a National Certified Schutzhund Helper and has been chosen to do helper work at National and Regional Championships in the AWDF, USA, DVG UDC, USRC, WSF.

Ken has been WUSV team member in the World Championships in 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993 and has been qualified for the team in 1999 and 2000. He won the DVG National SCH-3 Open Championships in 1985, second place in 1987, second place in 1993 and third place in 1994.

Ken has titled many different breeds of puppies to the SCH-3 Level in addition to advanced tracking titles FH-FH2.

Ken also has special expertise in other working breeds. He has coached and trained 2 Dobermans, 1 Giant Schnauzer, 1 Rottweiler and 3 German Shepherds from puppies to SCH-3 level and on to World Team Competition. In addition he has coached and trained many non-german Sheperd dogs to National Championships in the AWDF and the DVG SCH-1, SCH-2, SCH-3 levels.

Ken has also set up numerous police K-9 departments around the USA.

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